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Request related to player based content access

For supports requests regarding the player use the “Contact support” function from the help menu of the player.
  • Windows/MacOSX: Use “Contact support” in the “Help” menu
  • iOS/Android/Kindle: Use “Contact” on the “Help” view
  • SmartTV: Use “Request related to other technical issues” on this page
It is strongly recommended to sign in before using the “Contact support” function

Request related to other technical issues.

Please describe your issue as detailed as possible. Include information about the device you are using and when exactly the error occurs. If you receive an error message, include the exact text of the message or add a screenshot of the error using the upload function below.
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General request or message.

Use this request only for non-technical requests or inquiries, e.g. requests for additional content, pricing questions, etc. Make sure to describe your request as detailed as possible and include any information which might help us to give you a speedy response.
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