Ballet on Water - Advanced Swivel Techniques

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Ballet on Water - Advanced Swivel Techniques by Cheryl Bermeo
Cheryl Bermeo has produced a 50 minute instructional swivel ski video featuring Chery Orloff.
Based on Ballet principles, taught in her first video, "Ballet On Water:Proper Swivel Techniques", she continues teaching with the emphasis on proper ballet techniques to further embrace the beauty of swivel skiing on the water. She takes you from standing dock starts to various 360 waist turns, 360 overhead turns, multiiple turns, ballet lines and bonus footage of switching feet, swiveling outside the wake and backwards starts. You will feel empowered with these skills to perform in shows, compete in tournaments or dance on the water.

Note: It is advised to learn from "Ballet On Water:Proper Swivel Techniques" first to understand safety, proper techniques, and the basics before buying the advanced video.
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